Death Abroad

What is it?

This is financial aid established by the Funeral Assistance Program for Goiás Victims Abroad through the State Law nº 17.107 / 2010.

The program assists relatives of the deceased person abroad and who has no proven financial conditions to promote the repatriation to Goiás.

The financial coverage corresponds to the value related to the cremation of the corpse at the place of death and expenses with the transfer of ash from the victims to Goiás.


How to apply?

The applicant must attend in person at the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of Goiás with all necessary documentation.

Address: Rua 5 nº 833 Setor Oeste, 6th floor, room 609, Palácio de Prata Building, Goiânia – Goiás, Tel .: +55 62 3201-6619 / 6621.

Reference: Praça Tamandaré (Tamandaré Square) and Papelaria Tributária (Tributária Stationary Store)

It is also possible to make a first contact with our Office via e-mail:, where you can report the situation to give the first guidelines, but care, the request will not be granted and the administrative procedure will not be opened unless the applicant is present at the Office or fails to submit the documentation required by law for the grant of the aid.

To qualify for the program the following documents are required:

From the Applicant:

  •  ID and CPF (Social Security) to demonstrate that the applicant is a first or second degree relative of the deceased abroad (father, mother, spouse, son or brother).
  • Proof of residence;
  • Proof of family income;
  • Statement of financial assumption;
  • Declaration that the deceased has not left sufficient resources for his funeral and his family does not have the means to pay for it;
  • Declaration of repatriation option, whether bones, body or ashes;
  • The presentation by the applicant of 3 (three) budgets on the cost of services required. In exceptional cases, duly justified, a smaller number will be accepted;


Important Remarks:


  1. Proof of the family income is understood as the proof of income of all members of the family of the Applicant.


  1. The declaration of option of repatriation, whichever may be, when the deceased leaves children of age, must be signed by all members of the family, which means there must be permission of each one, and especially stating that if the option is for the repatriation of bones or bodies, the corresponding aid will be limited to the costs of cremation and ash repatriation services to Goiás.


  1. When the option of repatriation is for the body, the interested party must, besides presenting the specific budgets that contemplate the cremation and repatriation of ashes, also bring from the same company, the lowest price for embalming and repatriation of the body. Thereby, before the State of Goiás arranges the payment to the company, the relatives can prove that they have paid the difference of the value to the chosen company  in order to repatriation of the body.


  1. The services, because they are remunerated by the State, will be passed directly to the service provider that offers the lowest price. In no case, the State promote reimbursements or pass on resources to the individual.

From the deceased:

  • ID and CPF (Social Security) or Passport indicating the place of birth from Goiás or, alternatively, that their relatives have lived in Goiás for more than 5 (five) years;
  • Death certificate registered with the Brazilian consular service abroad or a suitable document;


Steps and Procedures:

  1. Request in person at the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of Goiás;
  2. Collection of all necessary documents;
  3. Opening of an administrative proceeding, with all the documents present, until payment to the service provider abroad. It is estimated a mid-term of 10 days to be completed.
  4. The above period may be longer or shorter, depending on the presence of all the information necessary for the payment to be effected, especially when the option is for the repatriation of the body.

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