Detention Abroad


The motivation for the arrests is varied, ranging from international drug trafficking to illegal entry into countries, which ultimately leads to deportation proceedings or even execution of sentences abroad.

The Cabinet of Foreign Affairs assists the relatives of these persons in the search for information regarding detention and then forwards it to the Office of the Union Public Defenders  that has a Coordination of legal assistance in the International area, observed the limits and conditions established by that Body that may be consulted on the institution's own website.

Who can request help from the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs?

Any Brazilian resident in Goiás. Foreigners are advised to look for their foreign representations present in the State of Goiás or Brasília

What to do?

A close relative (preferably first degree) is required to report to the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs to provide information on the detained person in order to enable consular contacts.

How to apply?

The applicant must attend in person at the Cabinet of Foreing Affairs.

Address: Rua 5 nº 833 Setor Oeste, 6º andar, sala 609, Edifício Palácio de Prata, Goiânia – Goiás. Reference: Praça Tamandaré e Papelaria Tributária.

Telephone (62) 3201-6619 / 6621


It is also possible to make a first contact with our Office via e-mail:, where the resident can report the case to us and ask questions about the specific situation that is presented, but care, the assistance will not be given if the applicant does not attend in person at the Cabinet.

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