Disappearances Abroad



The disappearances of Brazilian citizens abroad have several motivations that, over the years of this Cabinet's work, it has been possible to identify some, such as those characterized by international trafficking in human beings, family disputes, when someone suffers an accident outside the country, other hypotheses not provided for herein. In any case, the motivating situations mentioned here, just to exemplify, imply in the personal interest, sometimes with important legal repercussions. Therefore, your presence at the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs is necessary so that we can assist the citizen that request help. 


Who can ask for help?

Any Brazilian resident in Goiás, person of age, who is first or second degree relative to the missing person (ie: father, mother, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren).


What to do?

Attend in person before the Cabinet of Foreign Affair to mediate any consular contacts that may be necessary.


How to apply?

The interested party must, necessarily, attend in person to the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of the State of Goiás, provided with its documents and with the maximum of information including, if possible, documents of the person who needs to be located abroad. Other documents may be requested , including Police Report.


Other information

Address: Rua 5 nº 833 Setor Oeste, 6º andar, sala 609, Edifício Palácio de Prata, Goiânia – Goiás, CEP: 74.115-060, telephones: 3201-6619 / 6617/6621

Reference: Praça Tamandaré (Tamandaré Square) and Papelaria Tributária (Stationary Store Tributária)

E-mail: sec-internacionais@palacio.go.gov.br

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