Support for Refugees in Goiás

According to UNHCR, refugees are people who are out of their country of origin because of well-founded fears of persecution related to race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, but also because of the severe and widespread violation of human rights and armed conflict.

By the end of 2016, the global refugee population had reached the mark of 22.5 million people, the highest recorded level in two decades.


In order to better receive the enormous migratory wave to Brazil, the Intersectoral Committee for State Policy for Migration and Victims of Trafficking in Persons in the State of Goiás was created in our State: in July 2016, it is incumbent upon the Intersectoral State Policy Committee for Migration and Victims of Trafficking in Persons in the State of Goiás, point objectives for the state policy aimed at the population of refugees, stateless persons and victims of trafficking in the various areas of State action; outline principles and guidelines that should guide this action; to draft a state policy proposal for this sector; articulate agreements with governmental institutions and civil society; and to articulate the training of public agents and civil society on the migratory reality and the mechanisms of protecton of refugees, migrants, stateless persons and victims of human trafficking.

It is also incumbent to receive reports of violations of the rights of persons of these segments; stimulate studies and research on urban mobility; as well as to stimulate and support the holding of debates, forums, seminars and other events aimed at fulfilling the aims of the Committee.

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